As an integral part of Connected Health, we take immense pride in ushering in a new era of homecare through the innovative integration of virtual care technologies. In a world where healthcare is rapidly evolving, our commitment to providing cutting-edge services remains unwavering. This article offers an in-depth exploration of how Connected Health is harnessing the potential of virtual care, redefining the landscape of home-based healthcare.


The Essence of Virtual Homecare

At Connected Health, we recognise that virtual care is not merely about utilising telephones, video, and mobile apps to deliver healthcare services. Virtual homecare, for us, signifies the genuine provision of remote patient care through advanced technologies, ensuring accessibility and adaptability to the unique preferences of each household.


Hybrid Model for Personalised Care

Understanding that not all households are comfortable with in-person care, we offer virtual care as a valuable alternative. Our approach often involves a seamless blend of traditional homecare with virtual care, incorporating state-of-the-art remote monitoring technology to elevate overall service delivery. This hybrid model is designed with the flexibility to cater to individual preferences and requirements.


Comprehensive Virtual Care Services

Our virtual care services extend far beyond conventional offerings. Companionship calls, facilitated through smartphones, are a cornerstone of our services, providing not just safety checks, but also medication reminders and well-being assessments. This versatile service can be utilised alongside physical care or as a standalone option, allowing us to craft bespoke care plans tailored to individual needs.


Exploring Connected Health’s Technology-Enabled Care Menu

Our commitment to technological innovation is exemplified in the diverse offerings of our Technology-Enabled Care menu. Let’s delve into some of the noteworthy services:



As part of our commitment to medication management, YOURMeds supports individuals with timely reminders for medication intake. This advanced system promotes independence and enhances overall health by ensuring weekly refills of medication blister packs, with close monitoring of medication compliance at our secure data centre.



The Feebris digital observations kit is a testament to our dedication to proactive healthcare. This kit empowers both caregivers and individuals to conduct comprehensive health assessments, monitoring long-term conditions and acute episodes. With instantaneous alerts for any signs of health deterioration, Feebris enables timely intervention, ensuring the well-being of those under our care.


The Benefits of Connected Health’s Virtual Homecare

At Connected Health, the integration of virtual care into our homecare services is more than a technological advancement; it’s a gateway to a myriad of benefits that elevate the standard of care for our clients. One of the foremost advantages is the flexibility and accessibility that virtual care brings to the table.

Families that may hesitate to invite caregivers into their homes can now opt for virtual care, providing peace of mind while ensuring continuous support. The hybrid model, seamlessly blending traditional homecare with virtual services, offers a personalised approach, catering to individual preferences. Companionship calls, a hallmark of our virtual care, not only enhance safety but also foster a sense of connection and well-being. Moreover, our advanced technologies, such as YOURMeds and Feebris, empower individuals to manage their health more independently, promoting a higher quality of life. Connected Health’s virtual homecare isn’t just a technological evolution, but a transformative journey that prioritises flexibility, personalisation, and the well-being of those under our care.


Integrating Virtual Care and Homecare at Connected Health

Connected Health pioneers a transformative approach by seamlessly combining the strengths of virtual care and homecare, unlocking a host of advantages that redefine the healthcare experience for our clients.

1. Proactive Health Monitoring

The synergy between virtual care and homecare facilitates proactive health monitoring. Remote monitoring technology, integrated into our homecare services, allows for real-time tracking of vital signs and other health metrics. Regular telehealth check-ins further empower healthcare providers to identify any subtle changes or potential issues promptly, enabling timely interventions and personalised adjustments to care plans.

2. Enhanced Convenience

The combination of virtual care and homecare introduces unparalleled convenience for our clients. Telehealth enables remote access to healthcare providers without the need for extensive travel or appointment scheduling. Simultaneously, our homecare services eliminate the necessity for individuals to leave the comfort of their homes for treatment or medication management. This dual convenience ensures that our clients can maintain their routines and daily activities, fostering a sense of comfort and normalcy.

3. Cost-Effectiveness

The financial benefits of integrating virtual care and homecare are noteworthy. Telehealth minimises transportation costs and the associated stress of long-distance travel, contributing to overall cost savings for our clients. Additionally, homecare services, often more cost-effective than institutionalised care, offer an economic solution that aligns with individual financial considerations and insurance plans. This integrated approach ensures that quality healthcare is accessible without placing undue financial strain on our clients.

4. Personalised and Holistic Care

The collaborative use of virtual care and homecare allows for a personalised and holistic approach to healthcare. Regular telehealth check-ins provide a platform for open communication between patients and healthcare providers, fostering a deeper understanding of individual needs. Coupled with our homecare services, this approach ensures that care plans are tailored to each client’s unique requirements, encompassing both physical and emotional well-being.

5. Comfortable Recovery Environment

The integration of virtual care and homecare emphasises a patient-centric approach, allowing individuals to receive care and treatment within the familiar and comforting environment of their homes. This not only accelerates recovery times but also contributes to a sense of ease and well-being. For older adults, in particular, this approach may lead to not only faster recovery but potentially lower mortality rates.


Connected Health’s Vision for the Future of Virtual Care

As the landscape of virtual care continues to evolve, Connected Health is at the forefront of pushing the boundaries of possibility. Our forward-thinking approach, seamlessly blending in-person and virtual care, reflects our commitment to providing flexible, personalised, and technologically advanced homecare services.

In conclusion, the integration of virtual care into our homecare services marks a paradigm shift in healthcare delivery. At Connected Health, we are not just embracing the future; we are actively shaping it. Our comprehensive suite of virtual care solutions ensures that individuals receive personalised care tailored to their unique needs, all from the comfort of their homes. The future of healthcare is here, and we, at Connected Health, are proudly leading the way.