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Virtual Homecare

Remote Technology Enabled Care

Virtual care uses technology such as telephones, video and mobile apps to deliver health services to patients outside of a hospital. However, virtual homecare goes beyond these technologies. Virtual homecare refers to the actual provision of remote patient care via technology.

Connected Health is aware that not all households can accept carers entering their homes. We respect these feelings and offer virtual care as an alternative. More often though, we employ a hybrid model of traditional homecare mixed with virtual care that includes remote monitoring technology.

Connected Health provides companionship calls via a smartphone to deliver safety calls, medication prompts and well-being assessments. You can use this service in conjunction with physical care or as a standalone service to create a customised care plan that meets your specific needs.

But there is so much more to choose from Connected Health’s Technology Enabled Care menu.

remote monitoring technology.

Connected Health: A Compassionate Alternative

At Connected Health, we understand that having carers enter homes isn’t comfortable for everyone. Respecting these preferences, we offer virtual care as a considerate alternative. Our service includes friendly companionship calls, safety check-ins, medication reminders, and well-being assessments, all accessible through a simple smartphone connection. This flexible approach allows you or your loved ones to remain safe, blending seamlessly with physical care or as an independent solution for a customised care experience that suits your unique needs.

The Human Touch, Enhanced by Technology

While technology is popular, it cannot replace the human touch provided by caregivers, it does bridge distances, keeping us connected around the clock. It offers the reassurance of constant support, enabling regular updates and the ability to check in on your loved ones from anywhere, whether you’re at work or away for the holidays.

Overcoming Traditional Care Limitations

Virtual care breaks down the barriers associated with traditional home care. By incorporating cutting-edge technology into our services, Connected Health ensures that everyone, no matter their location, has access to exceptional healthcare. This approach opens doors to quality care for those in remote or underserved areas, making geographical constraints a thing of the past.

Customised Care 

The true essence of virtual care lies in its capacity for personalisation. Thanks to technology, care plans are meticulously tailored to meet each client’s individual needs. Every element of care is personalised, from reminders to take medication to comprehensive health assessments, guaranteeing that patients receive the most effective and relevant support.

Promoting Independence Through Enhanced Safety

Virtual care introduces a revolutionary level of safety for clients. With innovations like advanced medication management systems, clients are reminded to take their medications on time, and caregivers are alerted to missed doses. This is particularly valuable for those with memory challenges or complex medication routines, fostering independence while ensuring safety.

Instantaneous Health Monitoring for Swift Response

The capability for real-time health monitoring is a standout feature of virtual care technologies. Devices like the Feebris digital observation kit enable immediate health assessments, giving caregivers and medical professionals quick access to vital data. This facilitates the early detection of potential health issues, allowing for faster interventions and helping to prevent unnecessary hospital visits.

Keeping Families in the Loop

An essential aspect of virtual care is its role in maintaining family involvement in caregiving. Through technological solutions, family members can stay informed about their loved one’s health status, regardless of physical location. This provides peace of mind and encourages a collaborative approach to managing care.

A Cost-Effective, Time-Saving Solution

Integrating technology into home care offers an economical and efficient alternative for both clients and healthcare providers. Reducing the need for frequent in-person visits saves time and resources, allowing for the delivery of high-quality care at a reduced cost, thus making healthcare more accessible to all.

A Comprehensive Community of Care

Some of our virtual care technology includes:

YOURMeds This medication management system supports people with reminders to take their medication as prescribed. This allows our clients to be more independent and improves their health. We send weekly refills of your medication blister packs and monitor your medication compliance in our data centre.

FeebrisThe Feebris digital observations kit allows a caregiver or individual to perform a health assessment. The app can be used to monitor long-term conditions and acute episodes. It also provides instantaneous alerts for any signs of deterioration.

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How is emergency care handled in a virtual care setting?2024-03-22T18:20:10+00:00

In an emergency, virtual care platforms can facilitate rapid communication with healthcare professionals, allowing for immediate assessment and guidance on the necessary steps. While virtual care cannot replace emergency medical services, it can provide crucial support in determining the urgency of a situation and, in some cases, prevent unnecessary hospital visits. However, we always advise calling emergency services directly in life-threatening situations.

What additional support services are available through virtual care?2024-03-22T18:19:32+00:00

Beyond the core offerings of health monitoring and consultations, our virtual care services include various support options tailored to individual needs. This includes psychological support, nutritional counselling, and physical therapy guidance. We strive to provide a comprehensive care package that addresses all aspects of our client’s health and well-being, ensuring they receive holistic support.

How does virtual care accommodate individuals with limited tech experience?2024-03-22T18:18:59+00:00

Understanding the diversity of our client base, Connected Health has designed its virtual care services to be as user-friendly as possible. We offer guidance and support to help clients navigate our platforms, ensuring that even those with minimal technological experience can access the care they need. Our team is always ready to assist with setup, troubleshooting, and questions, making virtual care a seamless and stress-free user experience.

What technology do I need to access virtual care services?2024-03-22T18:18:28+00:00

To participate in virtual care services, you will typically require a device such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer equipped with internet access. For video consultations, a device with a camera and microphone is necessary. Connected Health is committed to ensuring that our platforms are intuitive and accessible, even for individuals who may not be tech-savvy, making it easier for everyone to benefit from virtual care.

Can virtual care completely replace traditional in-person healthcare services?2024-03-22T18:17:58+00:00

While virtual care provides a wide range of benefits, it is not designed to substitute for in-person healthcare services completely. Physical examinations, emergency care, and certain treatments necessitate direct interaction with healthcare professionals. However, virtual care significantly enhances the traditional healthcare model by offering easier access to follow-ups, consultations, and monitoring, complementing in-person care and making healthcare more holistic and accessible.

How does virtual care ensure the privacy and security of my health information?2024-03-22T18:00:39+00:00

In an era where data security is paramount, Connected Health prioritises protecting patient privacy and confidentiality by using secure, encrypted communication platforms for all virtual care interactions. Adhering to stringent data protection laws and regulations, we ensure that personal and health information is securely stored and only accessed by Connected Health personnel, guaranteeing that your privacy is respected and maintained.

Who stands to benefit from virtual care services?2024-03-22T18:00:09+00:00

Virtual care is particularly advantageous for individuals who face challenges in accessing traditional healthcare settings, including the elderly, people with mobility issues, and those residing in remote or underserved regions. It also caters to individuals requiring regular monitoring or those with hectic schedules that make attending in-person appointments difficult. By providing accessible care from the comfort of one’s home, virtual care ensures that more people receive the timely and continuous healthcare they need.

What is virtual care, and how does it function?2024-03-22T17:59:36+00:00

Virtual care is a modern approach to healthcare delivery, utilising technologies like telephones, video calls, and mobile applications to provide health services remotely. This method allows healthcare providers to offer consultations, monitor patient health, and perform follow-ups in real time without patients needing to leave their homes. It’s particularly beneficial for managing chronic conditions, conducting routine follow-ups, offering initial consultations, and facilitating a seamless communication channel between patients and healthcare professionals.

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