Virtual Homecare

Remote Technology Enabled Care

Virtual care uses technology such as telephones, video and mobile apps to deliver health services to patients outside of a hospital. However, virtual homecare goes beyond these technologies. Virtual homecare refers to the actual provision of remote patient care via technology.

Connected Health is aware that not all households can accept carers entering their homes. We respect these feelings and offer virtual care as an alternative. More often though, we employ a hybrid model of traditional homecare mixed with virtual care that includes remote monitoring technology.

Connected Health provides companionship calls via a smartphone to deliver safety calls, medication prompts and well-being assessments. You can use this service in conjunction with physical care or as a standalone service to create a customised care plan that meets your specific needs.

But there is so much more to choose from Connected Health’s Technology Enabled Care menu.

remote monitoring technology.

Some of our virtual care technology includes:

YOURMeds – This medication management system supports people with reminders to take their medication as prescribed. This allows our clients to be more independent and improves their health. We send weekly refills of your medication blister packs and monitor your medication compliance in our data centre.

Feebris – The Feebris digital observations kit allows a caregiver or individual to perform a health assessment. The app can be used to monitor long-term conditions and acute episodes. It also provides instantaneous alerts for any signs of deterioration.

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