End-of-Life Care/Palliative Care

A Dignified Final Journey In Home Surroundings

Many end of life patients prefer to live their last days at home, in familiar surroundings, with their family and loved ones by their side. Connected Health offers essential domiciliary support and palliative care to help you and your family make this decision.

We will work with you to create a plan for your end-of-life care. The domiciliary service we provide will be customised to your needs and preferences. We respect and value each person’s spirituality and always uphold their right to be cared for with maximum dignity during this difficult time.

Our team will collaborate with healthcare professionals and other people involved in your care or your loved one’s care to manage the symptoms, preserve dignity, and maximise comfort.

You can trust our compassionate and specially trained team to be there for you every step of your journey.

domiciliary support and palliative care

• Personal choices and opinions upheld – Connected Health places the choices and opinions of clients at the centre of all care provided.
• Communication is open and sensitive — The client’s family and friends are informed about all options and resources that they have to participate in regarding care planning.
• The care is person-centred and sensitive — We consider the wishes, priorities, and circumstances of the client and their family members and friends.
• Carers are fully trained and experienced — All of our care assistants have been trained in end-of-life care.

Our team will collaborate with your health professionals and others involved in your care to manage your symptoms, preserve dignity, and work hard to ensure you and your loved ones are as comfortable as possible.

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