Why Choose Technology Enabled Care?

Expert Home Care In Symbiosis With Technology

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Technology cannot replace the caregiver’s role in our clients’ lives. However, technology allows us to always be connected and offers 24/7 support without the cost of having 24/7 in-person care. In addition, technology gives you peace of mind by providing regular updates and enabling you to check in on your loved ones, whether at work or on holiday.

Connected Health is a world-leading innovator in health and social care. We are all to aware that our population is ageing and has more complex healthcare needs. We recognise that the current workforce cannot keep up with the demand, so utilising technology is a step forward into the future of health and social care generally.

The technology-enabled care system allows us to work smarter by utilising physical care when it is needed and supplementing it with digital solutions for critical tasks.

We can integrate many technologies into your care package, including virtual and physical care. In addition, virtual care can be provided as a standalone service if you have particular needs.

world-leading innovator in health and social care
YOURMeds — This medication management system

These include:

YOURMeds — This medication management system supports people with reminders to take their medication as prescribed. This allows our clients to be more independent and improves their health. In addition, we send weekly refills of your medication blister packs and monitor your medication regime in our data centre.

Feebris — The Feebris digital observation kit allows a caregiver or individual to perform a health assessment. The app can be used to monitor long-term conditions and acute episodes. It also provides instantaneous alerts for any signs of deterioration.

PacSana — The PacSana bracelet is a waterproof wristband that is lightweight and can be worn anywhere. It connects to two home gateways that track client activity levels during the day and at night. This allows family and care teams to monitor the client’s health and will enable them to intervene if they notice abnormalities. The alarm can also be used to assist in an emergency response.

This package will ensure your loved ones are secure at home and ensure peace of mind by remotely providing you with confirmation of their wellbeing.

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