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Our Story & Values

Raising The Standards of Homecare In Ireland

providing effective, safe and compassionate home care

2013 unfolded a remarkable collaboration, bringing together a team of exceptionally skilled professionals with diverse knowledge and expertise. This collective of visionary individuals gave rise to Connected Health Group Limited, emerging as a prominent and trusted provider of homecare services on the island of Ireland.

As industry leaders, we are dedicated to providing effective and efficient high-quality healthcare services in the convenience of homes and communities to promote ill-health prevention, reduce costly hospitalisation and improve overall health outcomes.

Understanding the individual needs and challenges faced by those needing care, we have tailored our services to be effective and efficient. Our highly-qualified team of professionals strives to deliver exceptional care that consistently meets the highest quality standards.

Our carers undergo continuous professional development in our very own Connected Academy to ensure the delivery of the highest quality care.

By providing healthcare services directly into individuals’ homes and communities, we enable individuals to receive the care they require while remaining comfortable and familiar with their surroundings. This tailored approach not only promotes independence but also enhances overall well-being.

highest standards of domiciliary care

The Three Ts: Talent, Training, & Technology

At Connected Health, we have pioneered a groundbreaking approach that leverages the power of the 3Ts: talent, training, and technology. This innovative framework forms the foundation of our commitment to fostering effective connections and delivering exceptional, responsive support that tangibly improves the lives of those entrusted to our care.

Our Mission:

Raising the standards of care by simply connecting the right people. Local people working locally, enhancing our client’s well-being. Our care is personalised, upholding dignity whilst respecting privacy.

providing effective, safe and compassionate home care
highest standards of domiciliary care
Our Values:

Those receiving care must always be at the centre of everything we do. It is our responsibility and duty to effectively connect all those involved to deliver better and more responsive support to improve the lives of those in our care measurably.

Connected Academy

Connected Academy is an accredited training centre which delivers online training programmes in progressive homecare, care home, nursing, elderly health and well-being, as well as specialist areas such as dementia care.

The Connected Academy is pioneering courses and skills development within the care workforce across Ireland, creating real pathways that will provide stability, sustainability and resilience to the entire care sector.

The Academy is committed to constantly championing excellence in training with the help of extensive consultation with social care and healthcare professionals, and health and social care agencies.

Working with an external partnership, we can offer fast-track QQI Level 5 on the two mandatory modules, allowing new recruits to start work within five weeks. Our external partnership can also provide full training on QQI Level 5 and Level 6. Connected Health provides payment options allowing our Healthcare Assistants to gain valuable qualifications.

Connected Health 2.0

Connected Health is also leading the way in digital-enabled premium private homecare as it spearheads the drive to homecare 2.0. for people across Ireland who are interested in services such as lifestyle support, complementary healthcare or companionship.

Our ‘Care Configuration’ team can work with you to design a package of homecare support which can range from personal care (support getting dressed, showering, etc.) to lifestyle services (such as shopping, appointment attendance, cleaning and social interactions) to more remote solutions — co-ordinated by our team of Dublin-based Virtual Care Assistants — ranging from camera installations, medication reminders, check in calls, and more.

Technology-Enabled Care

Technology-Enabled Care & The Living Lab

Connected Health has its very own test centre for the latest and greatest technology to help deliver digital-enabled care. The Living Lab delivers a design, testing and accreditation ‘safe space’ and process for emerging homecare-focused products and services.

The Living Lab fully evaluates new technology products and services via a Homecare Usability and Assessment Process; a Homecare Suitability Score, with technologies successfully trialled in the field receiving a Connected Health Accreditation.

With cutting edge innovations, which empower people to live more independently at home, Connected Health’s Living Lab is increasing both the quality and efficiency of homecare in Ireland for today and for the future.

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