Arthritis Care

Comfortable Living With The Best Arthritis Care At Home

Arthritis is the leading cause of disability in Ireland, with over 900,000 confirmed cases. Arising from the inflammation of joints, arthritis can pose a painful and, in some cases, debilitating challenge. It can significantly hinder mobility and render everyday tasks difficult to manage for those affected by the condition. Connected Health provides the support and practical care you need to keep your life under control and continue doing the things you love every day, and in the comfort of your own home.

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Comprehensive Arthritis Care at Home

Living with arthritis can make daily tasks very difficult, and homecare provides the ideal solution. Connected Health provides the support and care you need. We are familiar with the challenges of home arthritis care, and are committed to creating a plan that helps your loved one live safely and comfortably.

The following are some of the services we can offer support for:

  • Help rising and getting ready to go, with a morning call
  • Maintaining a good handle on housework like cleaning and laundry
  • Helping you shop, or shop for you if you’d prefer
  • Ensuring you have the right medicines at the right times
  • Assisting you in participating in activities that you love
  • Keeping you mobile with gentle exercise assistance
  • Assisting with the preparation of meals


Types of Arthritis

Arthritis stems from the inflammation of one or more joints, typically persisting as a lifelong condition that can affect individuals of any age, including children. While it is more commonly associated with aging, certain factors like autoimmune diseases, fractures, or bacterial and viral infections can trigger arthritic problems.

Understanding the specific type of arthritis one has is crucial, as it dictates the appropriate care needed. Among the numerous variations, the three most prevalent types are:


Primarily afflicting individuals over the age of 50, osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint condition. It gradually wears down the cartilage lining that serves to prevent joint bones from rubbing against each other, leading to stiffness, pain, and diminished movement.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Characterised by chronic inflammation of the joint lining, rheumatoid arthritis results in persistent pain, diminished function, and long-term joint damage. Individuals with rheumatoid arthritis are also at an elevated risk of developing issues with other tissues and organs within their bodies.

Juvenile Arthritis

Referring to any arthritis-related condition emerging in individuals under the age of 18, juvenile arthritis encompasses various subtypes. The most prevalent form is idiopathic arthritis, presenting as prolonged joint swelling lasting six weeks or more.

What are the Early Signs of Arthritis?

  • Pain and stiffness in joints, particularly noticeable in the morning
  • Inflammation and swelling in and around joints
  • Pain that intensifies during periods of inactivity and alleviates with physical activity
  • In certain instances, the presence of fever and night sweats

How Does Arthritis Impact Quality of Life?

Arthritis significantly influences the quality of life for those affected, disrupting various daily activities. Tasks like cooking and gardening, which may seem routine to others, become formidable challenges as the disease progresses. Moreover, the impact of arthritis extends beyond the physical realm, exerting adverse effects on mental health. Individuals grappling with arthritis and related injuries often experience heightened levels of anxiety and depression as they navigate the challenges imposed by the condition.

Your Home is the Best Setting for Arthritis Care

Based on our extensive experience in assisting numerous individuals and their families, it is evident that most people confronted with the necessity of long-term care and support for arthritis harbour a strong preference for staying within the sanctuary of their own homes. The prospect of avoiding the disruptions caused by a move away is particularly appealing.

For many, the idea of relocating from home can evoke feelings of distress, concern, and, for some, confusion. The imposition of new routines, the separation from loved ones, a sense of isolation from family, friends, or the local community – these are all common apprehensions faced by those contemplating a move into a care facility, specialised care setting, or an extended stay in the hospital.

Choosing to receive arthritis care at home holds a multitude of advantages. It allows individuals to continue living life on their terms, within the comforting familiarity of their cherished home. This choice not only mitigates the potential upheaval associated with relocation but also provides an opportunity for one-to-one care delivered by a competent and compassionate caregiver. This personalised approach ensures an improved quality of life, fostering enhanced well-being for those navigating the challenges of arthritis.

Arthritis Care at Home with Connected Health

Although there is no permanent cure for arthritis, lifestyle and treatment can help reduce pain and improve function to prevent future damage. Connected Health provides the services you need to best manage your condition in the comfort of your own home. This saves you the hassle of moving to an assisted living facility. We create a care plan that focuses on what matters most to you. We provide high-quality support and care tailored to your individual needs so you can live your best possible life.

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