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Post-Stroke Care

Dignified Homecare After Suffering A Stroke

Aftercare for stroke victims doesn’t need to be done in an unfamiliar setting.

Many stroke victims have been able to get back on their feet while recovering at home with the help of high quality homecare.

A stroke, also called a transient ischemic attack (TIA), can profoundly impact a person’s life. And that impact is also profound for the victim’s family and loved ones. We provide homecare to families all over Ireland, helping them to get the support they require and deserve. Our carers can provide homecare during critical times or live-in care around the clock. Connected Health care professionals are fully trained and skilled at helping stroke patients to remain in their homes and live to their full independence potential.

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Defining Post-Stroke Care

In the aftermath of a stroke, the journey towards recovery needn’t take place in unfamiliar surroundings. Connected Health is at the forefront of offering compassionate and comprehensive support within the comforting embrace of one’s home, assisting stroke survivors and their families in navigating rehabilitation.

Our Post-Stroke Care encompasses a holistic homecare service designed specifically for stroke patients. It’s a comprehensive approach that covers the spectrum of rehabilitation needs—from physical therapy aimed at restoring mobility and strength, speech and language therapy to surmount communication barriers, cognitive rehabilitation for memory and thinking challenges to support daily living tasks. We aim to create an empowering atmosphere that accelerates recovery and reinstates independence.

Who Should Consider Post-Stroke Care?

This care is essential for anyone recovering from a stroke, particularly those dealing with physical impairments, speech difficulties, or cognitive alterations. It offers families the reassurance that their loved one is receiving all-encompassing care focused on maximising recovery, thereby allowing them to concentrate on providing emotional support and cherishing valuable moments together.

The Ideal Time to Arrange Post-Stroke Care

The conversation about Post-Stroke Care should begin whilst the patient is still hospitalised. Early planning for homecare ensures a fluid transition from hospital to home, enabling continued recovery in a serene and familiar environment. This proactive approach fosters both healing and peace of mind for the family.

Benefits of Choosing Post-Stroke Care
from Connected Health

Opting for our Post-Stroke Care brings numerous advantages, including:

  1. Physical Function Improvement: Customised physical therapy sessions aid patients in regaining strength and mobility.
  2. Communication Enhancement: Overcoming speech and language hurdles becomes achievable with specialised therapy.
  3. Cognitive Ability Boost: We focus on improving memory, problem-solving skills, and other cognitive functions through targeted rehabilitation.
  4. Independence Cultivation: Support with daily tasks empowers patients to reclaim their independence, boosting confidence and self-worth.
  5. Emotional and Psychological Support: Our holistic care model involves emotional support for patients and their families, aiding in the adjustment to life post-stroke.
  6. Family Support and Education: We equip families with the knowledge, support, and respite care needed to effectively care for their loved ones.

Get in Touch for Post-Stroke Care

Our stroke aftercare services are tailored to your needs and delivered where you love most, in the company of those you love most. This is the beauty of Connected Health homecare. A local care specialist will work closely with you to create a care plan tailored to your needs, routines, and lifestyle. This helps speed recovery and is a great place to relearn skills and adapt to physical limitations.

We will collaborate with your family, the hospital, the physician, and other healthcare organisations to create a stroke care plan that meets your needs. You can still have your district nurse attend to offer additional stroke support if needed. We know that asking for help is a difficult decision. We are here to help you every step of your way.

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How long is Post-Stroke Care typically required?2024-03-22T17:28:02+00:00

The duration of homecare necessary post-stroke depends on the stroke’s severity and the patient’s rate of improvement. Some may benefit from a few weeks of care, while others might need more extended support.

What is the role of families in Connected Health’s Post-Stroke Care?2024-03-22T17:27:31+00:00

Families play a crucial role in our care model. We actively involve them in planning, ensure they are kept abreast of the patient’s progress, and offer training to help them effectively contribute to their loved one’s recovery at home.

Is regaining full independence possible through this care?2024-03-22T17:26:50+00:00

While individual recovery outcomes vary, our primary objective is to enhance each patient’s independence to the fullest extent. Our all-encompassing rehabilitation approach is tailored to improve functional capabilities as much as possible.

What emotional support is available for dealing with post-stroke challenges?2024-03-22T17:26:18+00:00

Recognising the significant emotional toll of a stroke, we provide access to counselling and support groups for both patients and their families. Our caregivers are trained in offering emotional support and fostering positive coping mechanisms.

How does Connected Health customise rehabilitation for each stroke survivor?2024-03-22T17:24:48+00:00

We thoroughly evaluate each patient’s unique challenges and recovery aspirations. A personalised care plan is then formulated, incorporating specific therapies and activities aimed at meeting the distinct needs arising from the stroke.

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