Neurological Conditions Care

Neurological Disease Care That Improves Life Quality & Promotes Dignity

Connected Health provides the highest quality personal care to help people suffering with neurological conditions to remain at home with dignity, independence, and control over their lives.

Each person-centred care package is tailored to each individual client’s needs and preferences. The care plan is reviewed regularly with the client, their next of kin and/or their support group to address complex and changing needs.

neurological conditions

What is Neurological Condition Homecare?

Neurological condition homecare at Connected Health is dedicated to providing personalised support for individuals with neurological conditions within the comfort of their homes. Whether the condition is present from birth, acquired through injury, or develops later in life, our tailored care addresses the diverse impacts these conditions may have – emotionally, physically, and behaviorally. Our approach is designed to promote health and well-being, ensuring dignity and an enhanced quality of life, even for those with the most complex clinical needs.

Our expert team brings a wealth of experience in providing compassionate care for individuals with neurological conditions in the comfort of their homes. Our comprehensive range of neurological condition homecare packages includes dedicated services for Parkinson’s disease, muscular dystrophy, and cerebral palsy. Each homecare package is meticulously tailored to meet the unique needs of individuals, fostering independence and enabling them to live life to the fullest. Connected Health is committed to delivering personalised care that enhances well-being and supports individuals on their journey to a fulfilling life.

We are here to help people with the following neurological conditions:

  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Motor Neurone Disease
  • Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME)
  • Other complex neurological conditions

Connected Health Neurological Condition Homecare: Providing Compassionate Support

At Connected Health, our team of homecare nurses and carers is equipped with specialised training to promote wellness and health for individuals with neurological conditions. From assisting with home mobility to providing care for ventilation and gastronomy needs, our professionals are committed to delivering heavily personalised care tailored to your exact requirements. Whether you choose round-the-clock live-in care or day visits, Connected Health works diligently to create a neurological condition homecare plan uniquely suited to you, ensuring comprehensive and compassionate support.

Why Opt for Neurological Live-in Care with Connected Health?

We recognise the paramount importance of consistent and reliable care for individuals living with neurological disorders. That’s why, at Connected Health, we offer the option of 24-hour carers available seven days a week. Choosing our Neurological care-finding service brings several benefits for your loved one:

Independence: Retain control over your own life longer while having authority over your carer.

24/7 Professional Care: Benefit from constant care and support provided by experienced carers.

Established Routines: Ease into routines more seamlessly as individuals are already in the comfort of their home.

Maintain Relationships: Enjoy the freedom for family and friends to visit, fostering a healthy mood and state of mind.

Pursue Hobbies and Interests: Continue with hobbies, interests, and clubs that contribute to well-being.

Comfort of Home: Avoid the stress and confusion often associated with care homes, finding reassurance and comfort in the familiarity of one’s own home.

Continuity of Care: Book the same carer who knows you well, ensuring a consistent and positive caregiving relationship. If both you and the carer are happy, so are we. Choose Connected Health for personalised, continuous, and reliable neurological live-in care.

Connected Health provides the best personal care for people who want to live in their homes when suffering from an illness or injury.

If our client has a long-term neurological condition, it may be appropriate to work with several charities and social and healthcare professionals in a coordinated approach that offers support that covers all aspects of the person’s care. We are here to help you with all your needs. Your loved one’s wellbeing is our primary concern.

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