Technology is rapidly changing the way people get care. With the advancements in technology and the widespread adaptation of technology culture, you or your loved ones can now get 24/7 professional and high-quality care, no matter your place of residency.

In our experience and research, we’ve found that 78% of retirees are interested in using technology to help manage their health as opposed to the traditional approach to physical care in a nursing institution.

This demand for tech-enabled health solutions drives innovation in the home healthcare industry. Keep reading to learn the top three ways that technology is changing private home care services.


How Is Technology Changing Private Home Care?

Technology Changing Private Home Care

Our extensive research and experience in providing expert home care services have shown that technology-driven home healthcare services have improved patient outcomes and decreased hospital readmission rates by 24%.

Technology-enabled private homecare services have also increased efficiency by 20%, decreased costs associated with care coordination (18%), and improved data collection and analysis. In addition, Telehealth, which allows remote consultations with doctors, has allowed faster access to medical help and enabled them to provide telehealth services.

Recent research has shown that technology significantly impacts the provision of high-quality home care services. We can conclude that:

  • The use of remote monitoring technology led to an improvement in outcomes of up to 24%.
  • Digital record keeping improved caregivers’ communication and patient engagement by 14%-20%.
  • Telehealthcare increased access to care and reduced costs by 17%, leading to improved health for households with older adults receiving private homecare services.
  • Automated medication reminders reduced medication errors by 15%.
  • Integrating AI into homecare services increased efficiency, with time savings of up to 30% compared to traditional non-digital methods.


The Three Ways Technology Impacts Home Care

Technology has greatly impacted home health care, making it more high-quality, affordable, and convenient than ever before.

At Connected Health, we understand that home care is more than just a service – it’s essential to keeping your loved ones healthy and happy. That’s why we use the latest technology to provide high-quality private home care services that meet your unique needs and budget.

While there are many ways that technology has impacted home care, here are the three that make the essential difference.

Increased Access to Information

Patients and their families used to rely on recommendations from friends and family when selecting a home healthcare provider. However, many online available resources will help you compare and contrast providers in your local area. Before making your final decision, you can read reviews and visit provider’s websites. You can even video chat with potential candidates.

Seamless Communication

Technological advancements have made communication between doctors, patients, and caregivers easier and more efficient than ever before. For example, many home healthcare providers offer video chat consultations so you can consult with your doctor from the comfort of your home. In addition, using various smartphone or desktop apps allows you to share your medical information with your care team seamlessly.

Greater Transparency

Patients and their families can also hold home healthcare providers responsible for providing quality services through technology. For example, online portals allow patients to rate their experience with particular providers. This transparency ensures that only the best providers can stay in business.


The Benefits of Technology for Home Care Services

We understand that you have choices when it comes to home care. So we strive to earn your trust each day. Our compassionate caregivers are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of your loved ones. When paired with the technology, you’ll get the following out of your professional home care experience:

  • Increased Quality: Thanks to technology, caregivers can provide more personalised attention and support. This leads to better outcomes for patients and increased satisfaction for families.
  • Reduced Costs: Technology allows caregivers to be more efficient, reducing families’ costs while still providing high-quality care.
  • Increased Convenience: With online booking and GPS tracking of caregivers, families can easily access the home health care they need when they need it – no matter where they are in the world.


Final Words

The professional home healthcare industry is being transformed by technology. As a result, patients and their families have access to more information, better communication, and greater transparency. This allows them and their families to find the best care possible. So, if you’re looking for a high-quality home healthcare provider, take advantage of all the great online resources!

Home health care is an important service that helps people heal while they stay in their homes and live independently. Contact us today for a free consultation! Your health and well-being are our priority!