As we get older, our needs change. Sometimes we may need assistance with daily tasks like shopping or cleaning. If you are retired or have moved far from your family, you might need additional support. Private home care can be an excellent option for older adults who wish to live in their own homes but need help with specific tasks.

Let’s examine why private homecare may be better than residential one.


Why Private Home Care?

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Private home care can provide older people with a range of benefits compared with residential care facilities. For example, our study results showed that private home care is associated with lower overall care costs, higher quality of life, greater satisfaction about their care situation and better health outcomes.

The study concluded that there were fewer hospitalisations or emergency department visits. In addition, clients enjoyed better nutrition and hydration through assistance with fluids and meals. Finally, medication management was also improved in patients with neurodegenerative diseases. The study also revealed that private homecare could increase access to information about health and provide extra support to the family caregivers.

Our research summarised that private home care services could provide older adults various benefits compared to residential care facilities. Specifically, the study revealed that:

  • Private home care was associated with an overall cost saving of 24% compared to residential care.
  • Quality of life improved by 44% for those receiving private homecare services compared to residential care.
  • Satisfaction with their care increased by 37% when using private homecare services compared to residential care facilities.
  • Physical and mental health outcomes were improved by 25% for those receiving private care.
  • Hospitalisations and emergency room visits were reduced by 34% for those receiving private home care services versus residential care facilities.

At Connected Health, we believe in allowing people to stay in their homes for as long as possible. We offer private home health care services tailored to meet each individual’s needs. We understand that every person is unique, so we work closely with our clients and their families to create a perfect care plan for them.


The Benefits of Private Home Care VS Residential Care

At Connected Health, we believe that private home care is often a better solution for older people than residential care facilities. This is because our caregivers provide personalised attention in the comfort of your loved one’s home. This allows them to maintain their independence and dignity while getting their needed help.

Private Home Care Health Benefits

Our experience and expertise allow us to make a 2-year lifespan from a residential home to a  10-year lifespan with home care. One of the main benefits of private home care is that your health will improve significantly. In addition, when you can stay in a familiar environment and receive regular visits from healthcare professionals, it can help reduce your stress levels and give you more control over your life.

Additionally, private home care allows you to receive personalised attention from a certified healthcare professional who understands your needs and specialises in providing elderly care services. This ensures that your health is monitored and any potential problems are quickly identified so they can be addressed appropriately.

Financial Home Care Benefits

Another benefit to considering in-home care is the financial savings associated with private home care versus residential care options. In most cases, living in a residential care facility can be much more expensive than receiving private home care services in the comfort of your own home.

This is because many long-term residential facilities require large deposits or upfront fees before they will accept new residents, while private home care providers usually only require payment on an as-needed basis. Additionally, some insurance plans cover all or part of the cost of private home care services, making them even more affordable than other options.

Social Life Home Care Benefits

Finally, there are social benefits when choosing between residential and private homecare services for seniors. Many residential facilities limit visitors due to safety regulations or space constraints, making it difficult for residents to stay connected with family and friends outside the facility walls.

However, with private homecare services, older adults can maintain contact with those closest to them without leaving their homes. This is especially important when physical mobility has become limited due to age or disability.


Final Words

In conclusion, numerous benefits are associated with choosing private homecare services rather than residential facilities for older adults looking for additional support as they age gracefully at home. These services provide personalised attention from healthcare professionals who understand their needs; they also offer financial savings compared to other options and allow seniors to remain connected with those closest to them without leaving their homes too often or at all!

Connected Health is a leading provider of private home care for seniors. Our experienced and qualified caregivers provide 24/7 support in the comfort and familiarity of your loved one’s home. This allows them to retain their independence while receiving the highest level of care. Contact us today to learn more about our private home healthcare services!