Fintan Ryan, an employee of Connected Health North Dublin, has secured electric bike through Connected Health. This has not only transformed his daily routine but also had a profound impact on his overall quality of life. When asked about the benefits of winning the bike, Fintan couldn’t hide his enthusiasm, stating, “The bike has benefitted me in so many ways.”


From a work-related perspective, the electric bike has improved Fintan’s ability to fulfil his duties. Whether it’s the routine tasks like cleaning and bed making within clients’ homes or running errands like grocery shopping and visiting the pharmacy, Fintan can now integrate these activities into his schedule. What’s more, the bike has proven to be a time-saving asset. In instances where he might be delayed with a client, he no longer needs to rely on buses or walking. The bike’s efficiency allows him to make up for lost time, ensuring he remains punctual—a trait he holds in high regard. As Fintan puts it, “I hate being late, and the bike has helped me be on time.”


Beyond his professional life, the electric bike has brought about positive changes in Fintan’s everyday routine. It has motivated him to commit to regular gym visits, as cycling to the gym now requires less effort, making his workout sessions more appealing. The bike keeps him motivated and active.


But the bike signifies more than just convenience and fitness for Fintan. It holds a deeper, symbolic meaning in his life. After spending 12 years in Australia, he made the challenging decision to return to Ireland. The past four years since his return haven’t been without their difficulties, and at times, he’s faced uphill battles. The electric bike, “symbolises a well needed positive in my life.”


Connected Health has been actively promoting environmentally sustainable practices and social responsibility. Recently, the company launched its Carbon Neutral Care scheme, introducing a fleet of Renault Zoe electric cars as part of its commitment to ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles. In line with their eco-friendly initiatives, Connected Health also offers a bike-to-work scheme. This initiative allows employees to purchase bikes and bike accessories tax-free, further encouraging sustainable transportation options and supporting their staff’s well-being.