Time to return the favour? Home care could be the ideal choice for your aging parents

Our parents have always been there for us – from changing nappies and midnight feeds, to being our personal chauffeur and the loudest cheer at our graduation, most of us are blessed to have parents who really went the extra mile for us. But now we’re all grown up, and the balance is starting to shift.

As our parents age, we can start to see that they need a helping hand in life. Whether they’re struggling with day to day activities such as making a meal or living with an illness which affects their independence. As our parents get older, THEY start to need US more – it’s our responsibility to return the favour and ensure our loved ones continue to live happily at home.

It is estimated that 40% of all people over the age of 65 have a limiting longstanding illness*, this is  Whether your parent has a limiting illness or is simply struggling with daily tasks, considering home care as an option for your elderly parents at an early stage can help both of you cope with this next stage in life.

As much as you may want to do everything yourself for your parents, this is just not possible. Caring for elderly parents is a huge undertaking; with jobs to go to, errands to run and children and grandchildren of our own to care for, being realistic about the amount of time and care we can give our relatives is crucial. Professional home care assistance can make everything a little bit easier, and can ensure your parents are getting the level of support they really need – meaning you don’t have to worry.

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*Source: Office of National Statistics