Pictured above left to right: Lorraine Corr, Service Manager and Lyndsay Daly, Care Assistant.

Our Carers in Connected Health provide outstanding care each and every day. It is always inspiring for the carers to receive acknowledgement from the next of kin and families of our clients.

Below we provide an excerpt from a message we recently received from the daughter of one of our clients, we have remove the family names to protect privacy.

Congratulations to Lyndsey Daly, Care Assistant 

Recipient of Outstanding Achievement Award

I would like to extend our deep gratitude and appreciation to Lyndsey, Mum’s carer. Had it not been for Lyndsey’s prompt response last Tuesday, when Mum took her fall in her apartment, things could have turned out very differently for Mum and indeed for us all!

Lyndsey contacted me immediately she became concerned for Mum’s well- being and I was then able to get over to her apartment and get into Mum in good time so that myself and Lyndsey could then get Mum immediate and lifesaving medical attention. The day before Mum’s fall Lyndsey also appraised me about a serious bleed my Mum had, all vital information which she gave me, which I was then able to relate to the medics in the Royal Victoria hospital, the following day and all this information was both vital, but also significant.  

Lyndsey remained calm throughout Tuesday’s incident, rang an ambulance, whilst helping me keep Mum calm and free from panic.

Lyndsey’s prompt actions, vigilance as well as expert care, attention and communication skills was, we have no doubt instrumental in saving Mum from hours of pain and possible death.

Even before all this took place, Mum spoke so highly of Lyndsey who was just so beautifully, caring, gentle and compassionate with Mum. These are rare qualities and given the very hard job and the quick turnaround times and work pressures your staff are under, we know this is quite remarkable. Lyndsey’s quiet demeanour should never be underestimated, she is deeply skilled at what she does and puts the people she looks after first, before anything else.

Knowing that Lyndsey was around was such a godsend for Mum and just today, she visited Mum in hospital, again over and above the call of duty, but an action which prompted such a huge smile of delight in My Mum’s face as she absolutely adores her Lyndsey!

Connected Health is in very good hands with such a very special and no doubt very valued staff member.

Connected Health would like to thank the family for writing such a beautiful heartfelt note. Congratulations again to Lyndsey, keep up the inspiring work.